Compaq Deskpro EP 6400 Multi-NIC Boot Utility driver download free (ver. 2.­00 A)

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Multi-NIC Boot Utility (ver. 2.­00 A) ZIP released 1999.09.14.

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Category PC
Brand Compaq
Device Deskpro EP 6400
Operating Systems Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98
Version 2.­00 A
File size 739 Kb
File type ZIP
Released 1999.09.14
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Multi-NIC Boot Utility for Compaq Deskpro EP 6400 Type: Utility This software contains the files needed to create a Multi-NIC Boot Utility diskette.­ The Multi-NIC Boot Utility (MNBU) diskette contains software to boot any of the affected Deskpro models to MS-DOS,­ detect the Network Interface Controller (NIC) installed,­ load the correct NDIS driver for that NIC,­ and optionally begin installation of Microsoft Windows NT,­ Windows 95,­ or Windows 98.­ Because every enterprise is different,­ certain files on this diskette must be modified to work within your enterprise.­ The flexibility of the diskette allows it to be used for tasks other than operating system installations.­ For more details,­ please refer to SYSINV.­DOC included in this SoftPaq.­

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